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   Low entry threshold and favorable conditions for new partners.

Our clients include both large retail chains and small companies.

  Placement in the “Our Partners” section

After signing the contract, we will place your company in the relevant section on the website and all final consumers will be aware of where they can buy Greentest in their home-country. This is a guaranteed demand from customers.

   Convenient delivery worldwide

We work with various  almost transport companies in China and have many contacts and connections. We can deliver products even to the most remote regions. We can find an agent according to your requirements or work with your agents. Free delivery of any load within China.

   Growing demand

Our ads are regularly placed in various social media, print media, and on the Internet. That is why the demand for our products is consistently growing year by-year. Choosing Greentest you will be working with a quite unique but already reputable brand.

   Marketing support

We consider the success of our partners as our own, that’s why we constantly serve our partners in the best way, participate in their marketing campaigns, provide marketing subsidies and share marketing materials in different languages. We believe that growing TOGETHER is the key to success.

Certification and documentation

Greentest products have all the necessary certificates of standards: ISO, CE, reports on the result effectiveness and reliability of work from Russian, Taiwan and China laboratories and many others. Greentest is also awarded with various rewards from exhibitions and competitions.

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  • Grocery retailers
  • Juice bars
  • High-level restaurants
  • Consumer electronics stores
  • Smart gadgets stores
  • Kitchen appliance stores
  • Health products stores
  • Organic food stores
  • Testing tools stores

The min/max range of measurement for nitrate concentration:

0 – 9999 mg/kg

The min/max range of measurement for salt concentration in water 1 ppm (1 mg/l):

0 – 999

The range of background radiation level µSv / h ( µR / h):

0 – 9.99 (999.9)

The range of indication level of cumulative dose,  µSv ( µR):

0 – 999.99 (0 – 99999)

Measurement time:

~3 sec

Measurement inaccuracy:

No more than 10%

Power source:

Li-Ion battery

Battery capacity:

720 mАh

Additional power source:


USB charge current:

310 mA

USB power supply:


Usage time:

up to 20 hours**


122 х 52 х14mm


90 g.

Weight with box and accessories:

330 g.

Operating temperature:

0 – +60 °С

Average battery working time:

~8 hours

1. Greentest device
2. Soft case
3. User Manual
4. Micro USB cable
5. Adapter
6. Warranty Card

Country Company Website/Address
Russia Dadget Ltd. https://shop.dadget.ru/
Ukraine “ SORBPOLIMER-ANALITIC” LTD。 https://sorbpolimer.com.ua/
Germany INKOVIDEO GmbH&Co.KG https://inkovideo.de/
Germany Digital-Paradise Boutique Riemenschneiderweg 22, Berlin, Germany
Moldova “ MARK GLORY GROUP” SRL https://darwin.md/
Moldova DMLink SRL http://dmlink.md
Romania S.C Salis Terra Service SRL https://e-greentest.ro/
Romania GADGET PARC SRL https://darwin.ro/
Romania CARTLINE TECH SRL https://cartline.ro/
Albania FAVE Albania Sh.P.K https://greentest.al/
Bulgaria Computer 2000 България https://www.greentest.bg/
Cambodia Amenities Cambodia Co., Ltd. https://www.amenitiescambodia.com/
Iran Sater Scientific & Industrial Solution http://sisco.ir
Japan Cien Global KK https://inyoumarket.com/
Laos Lao Scitec Trading Import- Export Co., Ltd. No. 218, Lao-Thai Road, Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R
Italy Laser Services SRL https://www.greentestitalia.com/
Mongolia Medimpex International LLC www.medimpex.mn/zh-CN
Bangladesh Anmax Watertec 20/A/B Monipuripara,Tejgaon,Dhaka-1215 Bangladesh
Latvia Solano LV Ltd. https://www.solano-labs.com/
Singapore MYWELLNESS PTE LTD https://myexpress.com.sg/

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Greentest is OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER OF GREENTEST portable food and environmental testing devices protects you and your family from harmful nitrates in fruit, vegetables and meat, poor quality water and background radiation.

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