NEW MODEL! Greentest Eco 6


Double probe

Black/White/Golden easy-to-clean case


The latest and most updated model Greentest ECO6 is a smart detection equipment integrating nitrate, water and radiation detection. Adopting the latest designed capacitive screen and using the newly developed nitrate, water and radiation detection technology, Greentest ECO6 can not only quickly and accurately detect the safety of 60+ commonly consumed fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, but can also detect the quality of drinking water and the background radiation in the surrounding environment, so that users can protect themselves from the unsafe radiation ions.

In addition, users can connect the device to a smart phone and perform detection through the APP.

The latest version is equipped with a capacitive screen, which is more sensitive to touch. Bluetooth module is added along with connection to the mobile APP for data storage and sharing. Timer function is added to help control the cooking time and save the max vitamins and nutrients.

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Lightweight and compact size.

Capacitive screen: more sensitive, high-resolution color display and intuitive software interface.

Fast and accurate results in only 3 seconds, with an error of less than 10%.

The world’s most advanced dual detection probe, small wound, higher accuracy (full series upgrade).

The radiation detector, Geiger-Müller tube, allows the device to perform accurate measurement.

Long battery life, USB rechargeable lithium ion 720mAh battery can provide up to 20 hours of use time.

Friendly after-sales service, warranty.

APP connection to specialized Android/IOS APP.

Timer function.

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