VALUE DEAL! Set of 2 Greentest devices – Greentest ECO 6 (GOLD) + Greentest Mini ECO


New Greentest Eco 6 with capacitive screen and exquisite App-based Greentest Mini ECO in one box at the best price ever! Both devices can be connected to the smart-phone and make measurements via App. Both devices have full set of functions and just in 3 seconds can measure the nitrates in 64 types of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, water hardness and radiation background. Greentest will take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

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Greentest ECO 6

1. New in-touch sensitive display
Touch control of the device: improved sensitivity and increased life of the touchpad; increased brightness of the display backlight.
2. Interface:
New minimalistic design.
Simplicity and convenience of using swipe for device management.
Easy to update multilingual menu.
Online indication of radiation background.
3. The device uses a more powerful microprocessor series ARM Cortex:
• Increased data processing speed.
• Improved algorithm of nitrates consistency measuring that reduces inaccuracy chance of the result when testing the product.
4. Powered with a new algorithm for calculating the radiation level.
5. New feature to connect the device to the APP via Bluetooth.
Ability to control the device from smart phone via the APP.

Greentest Mini ECO

* Light and portable weighting only 30 grams
* Fast and accurate results in just 3 seconds
* Proven 90% accuracy
* Connect easily to SMART devices via Bluetooth
* Easy-to-use, intuitive APP for Android, iPhone and Windows phones
* Dual test probe, provides accurate water hardness testing.
* Radiation detector, Geiger-Müller tube allowing the device to accurately measure the background radiation in your environment and in particular objects.
* Long battery life – energy efficient design allows continuous use of up to 3 hours without charging, micro-USB charging source
* Social sharing features allows you to share your testing experience across social networks
* Available in a stylish, easy to clean, black or white casing
* Device and packaging manufactured from environmentally friendly recycled materials
* Worldwide warranty

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