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Quality food and Water

Protect your own health and take care of your loved ones!

Quality food and Water

Protect your own health and take care of your loved ones!




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The Company’s history starts since 2006 in Russia, and gathers highly qualified specialists from Russia, USA, Taiwan, etc. Greentest creates a revolutionizing technology to lead people a healthier lifestyle and opportunities to experience nitrate testing technology.


In 2014 company established office in China and started it’s new daughter brand GREENTEST. The company gets into global markets through exclusive retailers over 20 countries and server customers all around the world.


Greentest unique devices adopt technically advanced technologies that allow to test the quality of food, water and surrounding environment. All the technologies are based on the latest scientific researches and design trends. Greentest technology got international and domestic patents, certificates and  was awarded for great contribution into the development of the world high-tech market.


Gathering the best professionals and highly qualified employees from all around the world, the team behind Greentest is committed to making useful, safe and effective devices that have gained the trust of many people worldwide.

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Greentest ECO 4F

Greentest Eco 4F is a unique 2-in-1 nitrate and radiation testing device. Developed using the latest in nitrate, the innovative…

NEW MODEL! Greentest Eco 6

Double probe Black/White/Golden easy-to-clean case   The latest and most updated model Greentest ECO6 is a smart detection equipment integrating nitrate, water and…

Greentest 2F

Double probe Black/White easy-to-clean case A portable smart food safety detector, suitable for checking fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. The equipment uses…

Greentest 1

Double probe Black/White easy-to-clean case Greentest 1 can detect nitrate content in more than 60 most commonly consumed types of fruits…

Greentest Mini ECO

Smart detection APP-based device. Greentest Mini ECO can not only quickly and accurately detect the safety of 60+ commonly consumed fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, but can also detect the…

What Our Customers Say

The product is excellent. Corresponds to 100% description. The language of the device is also made under the country. Came within the specified time frame. I recommend the seller.
Everything is fine. Very worthy seller. Communicated with me as best to deliver and faster. Everything is super. Russian language made. I am very happy with the acquisition. I recommend the seller!!!
I'm happy. Well packed, the box is not wrinkled, inside the tester itself, case, instruction, charging. Checked-works. It is not quite clear how much you can trust testimony... There's nothing to check with. I recommend the product and the seller.


The Truth about Nitrates

Have you ever wondered what nitrates are and what foods contain nitrates? Are nitrates linked to any health concerns? If you have questions about nitrates and their role in the…

The truth about the nitrates in your food

Usually associated with processed meats, nitrates and nitrites are potentially cancer-causing compounds. But what are they, really – and are they always detrimental? “Nitrates” may make you think of school…

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Greentest is OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER OF GREENTEST portable food and environmental testing devices protects you and your family from harmful nitrates in fruit, vegetables and meat, poor quality water and background radiation.

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